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Tri-County Triangle Trail
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Here is how you can help make the trail a reality. 

Your contributions are essential to getting the project finished!  Right now we
are working to raise funds to purchase the final leg of the trail from the
railroad.  We have raised $43,000 and are in need of additional funds to
complete this transaction by the end of this year.  If we do not act now this
essential property that connects Frankfort to Greenfield may be lost forever!!!
Help buy trail by making a contribution of:
  • One Foot   $2.50
  • Five Feet   $12.50
  • Ten Feet    $25.00
  • 100 Feet    $250.00
  • 250 Feet    $625.00
  • 1000 Feet  $2,500.00
  • One Mile    $13,200.00
Email info or questions to:
John Graves, Executive Director, Tri-County  Triangle Trail. 
email: ,
Mail your tax deductible contribution to:
Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc 
PO Box 887
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 
or call John at 937.840.9937 for more information.