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Tri-County Triangle Trail
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Tri-County Triangle Trail Fund Raising Auction
Saturday, October 12, 2002
Ross County Fairgrounds
Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc. is holding a public auction to raise money for the
purchase of abandoned rail corridor and trail construction.

Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc. is a nonprofit organization, and all donations are
tax de­ductible.


There will be many interesting and unique items up for bids. Items have been
gener­ously donated by local businesses and indi­viduals.


Funds raised by this promotion will be used to purchase abandoned rail
corridor to allow for future trail development and preservation of green space.
Funds raised will also be used for construction of improvements and mainte­
nance to existing trails and for construction of new trails.


When complete the trail will pass through Chillicothe, Greenfield, Washington
Court­house, and numerous other small towns and boroughs. All completed
trails are donated by Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc. to the county agency having
jurisdiction after they have been completed.

Please join us at the auction to show your support for the Tri-County Triangle
Trail and your local community.


For more information about the auction, please call David May at
7406636011 or email at:


Click Here for map & directions to Ross County Fairgrounds

A brief history


It began in the mid1960s, quietly, gradu­ally, hesitatingly. It was primarily a
Midwest­ern phenomenon, barely noticed in places like New York, Los
Angeles or Washington, D.C. People didn't say, "Is that the latest fad?" They
said "That's a really smart idea!"


The idea was to convert abandoned or un­used rail corridors into public trails.
Once the tracks came out, people just naturally started walking along the old
grades, social­izing, exploring, discovering old railroad rel­ics, marveling at old
industrial facilities such as bridges, tunnels, abandoned mills, sid­ings, switches
and whatever else they could find.


"Rails-to-Trails" is what people started call­ing it, and the name was catchy and
descrip­tive enough to give the concept a tiny niche in the fledgling movement
that was gather­ing momentum. However, it was destined to move into the
mainstream of the conserva­tion and environmental movements. After all, it had
all the ingredients: recycling, land conservation, wildlife habitat preservation
and nonautomobile transportation not to mention historical preservation,
physical fit­ness, recreation access for wheelchair users and numerous other


Today, more than 35 years later, railtrails have begun to make a significant
mark, with 11,703 miles of railtrails and around 100 million users per year.


Ohio Trail Statistics

Number of Open Trails:  51 

Miles of Open Trails:   409

Number of Trail Projects:   47

Miles of Trail Projects


Tri-County Triangle Trail

A brief history


Formed in the early 1990's a group of forward looking citizens thought it
would be a great idea to build a recreational trail on the abandoned rail road
rightofway. Through perseverance, dedica­tion and determination the group
was able to keep this dream alive and purchase most of the rail rightofway with
fund raisers, corporate donations underground utility easements.


1990 Group organized

1994 Acquired 20.3 miles of abandoned railroad

1999 First 4 miles paved

2000 Trail grows by 2.75 miles

2002 Trail grows again by 2.0 miles, connecting to new Adena High School


*Organization currently has 250 Members.



Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's Ohio Field Office
4390 Cherry Bottom Road
Gahanna, Ohio 43230
phone: (614) 4284320 fax: (614) 4284322


TriCounty Triangle Trail, Inc.

P.O. Box 887 Chillicothe, Ohio 45601