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Tri-County Triangle Trail
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Trail Status
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Trail Construction and Aquisition Status 

Trail Map

A total of 8.5 miles are completed and paved from Adena School Complex on
County Road 550 to Frankfort  and contines 6.5 miles east towards Chillicothe
where it ends at Sulfur Lick Road. This project was completed by the Ross
County Park District.  Land was aquired by Tri-County Trail, Inc and given to
the park district to develop.
Parking is available at Brad Lytle Park in Frankfort and at Sulfur Lick Road at
the east end of the trail.  There is a port-a-john available at Brad Lytle Park. 
No restroom facilities are available at the Sulfur Lick parking area.
Chillicothe has completed a section of trail in the city that will connect with the
Tri-County Triangle Trail.  The recreational trail begins just south of the US 35
on SR 104 (High Street) exit.  The trail is constructed on top of the river levy
and goes east about 2 miles in length. Bicycles, in-line skates, walking and
running are permitted.
The City of Washington has completed about 2.5 miles of trail total beginning
at Washington Cemetery west to Gardiner Park.  Parking is available at
Chrisman Park on S. Elm Street.  Restrooms and water are available. Two
sections to connect the whole trail are expected to be completed in the fall of
2002 or spring of 2003. 
Uncompleted sections of trail:
  • Washington C.H. to Adena School (approx 14 miles)
  • Washington C.H. to Greenfield (approx 13 miles)
  • Greenfield to Frankfort (approx 12 miles)
  • Sulfur Lick Road to Chillicothe (approximately 5 miles). 

Status of right-of-way acquisiton:

  • Most of the right-of-way between Washington C.H. and Greenfield has
    been purchased for trail development by Washington C.H.  A
    few parcels were sold to adjoining property owners. 
  • All of the right-of-way between Washington C.H. and Adena School 2
    miles east of Frankfort is owned by Tri-County Trail, Inc. 
  • The right-of-way between Greenfield and Frankfort has not been
    purchased We are currently conducting a fund raiser to purchase the
    right-of-way from CSX Raiload. 

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